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"The Mechanical Music Cabinet" by Siegfried Wendel and translated into English by Sue Trotter and Harvey Roehl. Published in 1984 by Harenberg Kommunikation, Dortmund. Soft cover, 208 pages with numerous excellent color photographs black-and-white photographs and diagrams. The book measures 6-7/8 inches (17.4 cm) high by 4-3/4 inches (12 cm) wide.

Text from the frontispiece is as follows:

"In the 18th century, flute clocks were found in the houses of the rich, and they were often popular gifts at the courts of kings. The music boxes that used to stand in the bars and restaurants of our grandparents days were sometimes enormous orchestrions that could play many different instruments at the same time (a popular definition of 'orchestrion' is 'automatic orchestra').

Siegfried Wendel has more than 300 of these mechanical music instruments in his museum in Rüdesheim, on the river Rhine. In this paperback book with 160 photos and drawings you can read about and look at the most interesting and attractive pieces in his collection. In the appendix he tells the strange and sometimes adventurous history behind this unusual museum."

Mechanical Music Instruments
Tone Storage System for Music Instruments
Pinned barrels
      Stringed Instruments
      Music Box
Pinned Disks
Cam Disks
Pinned Wooden Plates (Planchettes)
Perforated Cardboard Bands
      Mechanically Controlled System
      Pneumatically Controlled System
      Indirect Pneumatic Controlled System (Keyless)
Perforated Disks
      Reed Organ
      Music Boxes
Music Rolls
      Pneumatically Controlled by Means of Compressed Air
      Player Pianos Operate by Means of a Vacuum
Cassette Recorder

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