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"1796, The Great Story of the Music Box" produced by Creavision, S.A., Ste-Croiz, Switzerland, released in 1996 by a consortium of Swiss Musical Box Museums, in NTSC Format. Running Time 63 Minutes.

Text from the jacket reads as follows:

"An original version, unique view, rare ancient documents... another way of seeing, understanding and hearing the wonderful world of mechanical music.

"1796, The Great Story of the music Box" is a 63 minute video film for general audience, presenting the history and development of mechanical music, with particular emphasis on the wonderful world of music boxes and automata.

The early days, the introduction of comb music, industrialization in Geneva and then Sainte-Croix, the development, the birth of a music box, the singing birds, the automata, industry today in this wonderful world, the visit of major museums."

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