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"The Wonderland Of Music Boxes and Automata" by Daniel Troquet. Published in 1989 by Les Editions du Cochet, SA, Ste-Croix. First Edition. Hard cover with dust jacket, 220 pages with numerous color and black-and-white photographs and diagrams. The book measures 111-1/4 inches (28.5 cm) high by 8-7/8 inches (22.5 cm) wide.

"Here is an excellent full color cofee-table book about music boxes, singing birds, musical pocket watches and automata. A fascinating history of the 200-year-old tradition of the music box.

Table of Contents:
The Music Box Craftsmen at Home
Animates Music Boxes and Singing Birds
Creation and Restoration of Automata
Treasures from the Sainte-Croix Collections

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