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"Restoring Musical Boxes," by Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume. Published in 1980 by George Allen & Unwin, London. First Edition. Hard cover with dust jacket, 186 pages with 54 Plates (black-and-white photographs, with descriptions) and 53 Figures (drawings). The book measures 10 inches (25.2 cm) high by 7 inches (19 cm) wide.

Text from the dust jacket is as follows:

"This companion volume to the author's Musical Box; A History and Collector's Guide is a complete handbook on the techniques of musical box conservation. It is written by a world authority on automatic musical instruments who has had more than a quarter of a century's practical workshop experience and will serve as a clear and comprehensive introduction for the novice and an invaluable reference book for the experienced or expert restorer. Step by step the author takes the reader through all the stages of repair and restoration from simple processes such and cleaning and adjustment to involved, complex and delicate tasks such as repinning cylinders. The author also advises, where relevant, on the use of modern materials and preparations which may on occasion be necessary in this type of work.

A section on repairing musical box cases offers advice on all aspects of restoration, from curing woodworm to the right way to remove the veneer from a veneered panel. The book concludes with a useful glossary of musical box components, including their English, French and German equivalents.

Illustrated throughout with the author's own clear drawings and with carefully chosen photographs, this book will prove invaluable not only to professional repairers and restorers and to museums and dealers, but also to the private collector interested in restoring or repairing a musical box or simply in keeping his collection in good condition."

List of Figures
List of Plates
  1. Tools for the Job
  2. Overhauling the Cylinder Musical Box
  3. Restoring the Disc-Playing Musical Box
  4. Restoring Miniature Musical Movements
  5. Restoring Musical Box Cases
Glossary of Terms
List of French and German Terms

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