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"The Curious History of Music Boxes,"by Roy Mosoriak, with special section on Repairs by Glenn P. Heckert. Published in 1943 by Lightner Publishing Corp., Chicago. Two printings. Hard cover, 242 pages with illustrations and black-and-white photographs. The book measures 11-1/4 inches (28.5 cm) high by 8 inches (20.3 cm) wide.

This is one of the earliest of the collector's reference works about disc and cylinder musical boxes. Information on United States Patents relating to music boxes, including patent diagrams and a listing of patent numbers. An extensive list of makers of clocks, watches, automata and music boxes is also included.

Glenn Heckert's excellent section on repairs is solid and useful for both collectors and restorers alike. With hand drawn diagrams as a guide, Mr. Heckert explains cleaning and repairs for the barrel, mainspring, stop works, click springs, the cylinder, the governor, the base plate, the comb, tooth replacement, tip replacement, dampering, cylinder pins and assembling and adjusting the finished product.

      List of Illustrations
      Part 1
      Part 2, Early Obscure Origin of Automatic Music
      Part 3, 1789 A. D.
      Part 4, Obscure Origin of "Music-Work"
      Part 5, 1806 to 1833
      Part 6, 1848 to 1905
      A Word to Collectors
      Checklist of Makers
      Chronological List of U.S. Patents Relating to Music Boxes
      Manufacturers of Music Works and Music Boxes
      Music-Box Musicology
      More Music Boxes (a photo array of music boxes, singing birds, and musical Novelties)
      Music Box Names (Glossary)
      Grace Notes (acknowledgements)

Additional Sections by Glenn P. Heckert:
      Points to Remember When Buying a Music Box
      The Care of a Music Box
      Repairing the Music Box

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