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"Les Automates" by Élaine Maingot. Published in 1959 by Librarie Hachette, France. Hard cover with no dust jacket, as published. 96 pages with numerous color and black-and-white photographs. The book measures 9-1/4 inches (23.5 cm) high by 7-1/4 inches (18.4 cm) wide.

An interesting book about mechanical musical automata wriiten in the French language, but with beautiful photographs of many of the most exquisite and fine pieces of automata.

From the famous Jaquet-Droz automatons to jeweled Singing Bird Pistols, to animated gold boxes in the Maurice Sandoz collection, many showing the inner workings, this book is filled with pictures of rare and wonderful automatons.


  1. Les Automates ont quarante Siècles (Forty Centuries of Automata)
  2. Un Grand Automatist Français: Vaucanson et ses Automates (A Great French Automatist: Vaucanson and his Automata)
  3. De Quelques Artistes et Grandes Vedettes (Highlights of Some Artists)
  4. Le Monde des Automates, De Tout Temps, En Tout Lieu... (The World of Automata From Time Immemorial)
  5. Les Tableaux Mécaniques (Mechanical Pictures)
  6. Bijoux, Pièces de Luxe et Objets de Vertu (Jewels, Luxury Items and Objects of Virtue
  7. Animaux Automates et Oiseaux Chantants (Animal Automata and Singing Birds)
  8. Musique Mécanique et Boite a Musique (Mechanical Music and Music Box)
  9. Et Aujourd'hui? (And Today?)

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