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"Music Machines American Style." by Cynthia A. Hoover. Published in 1971 by The Smithsonion Institution Press, Washington, D.C.. Soft cover, 139 pages with photographs. The book measures 10-1/2 inches (26.6 cm) high by 8-1/2 inches (21.5 cm) wide.

This is a catalog of an exhibition titled "Music Machines American Style" at the National Museum of History and Technology, Smithsonian Institution. The author, Cynthia A. Hoover was Associate Curator, Division of Musical Instruments of the Museum.

The exhibition was organized by a music historian rather than a scientist. It surveyed the development of music machines in America. The exhibition and this catalog emphasize the ways in which science and invention have affected the performer and his audience.

Instruments highlighted in the catalog include Swiss music boxes, Regina Disc Music Boxes, Organettes, the Violano-Virtuoso, Phonographs, including the Multiphone and Hexaphone, Broadcast Radio, Movies and the Jukebox.

Introductory Notes by Erik Barnouw and Irving Kolodin
Music Machines American Style
Music and Machines in the 19th Century
Music Parlors Public and Private
Music Machines in the Home
Acoustic and Electric Recordings
The Impact of Radio
Movies and Music
The Jukebox Craze
Semper Fidelity
Electronic Instruments and Music


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