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"Music Boxes Their Lore and Lure,"Helen Hoke and John Hoke, Illustrated by Nancy Martin. Published in 1957 by Hawthorne Books, New York. Hard cover, 93 pages with illustrations and black-and-white photographs. The book measures 10-5/8 inches (26.3 cm) high by 10-7/8 inches (26.5 cm) wide. Included is a 10-inch 33-RPM record tucked in the back cover with 13 recordings of musical boxes from the Bornand Collection on Side A, and 5 recordings of other mechanical musical instruments on Side B, for a total of over 30 minutes of music.

Text from the Dust Jacket is as follows:

"An affectionate and fascinating history of the music box, this is one of the most unusual and delightful volumes ever compiled. The sparkling text is complemented by charming photographs and full-color illustrations plus "The Music Box Sampler," a 10-inch Micro-groove 33-1/3 RPM record of authentic music from some of the world's most famous and intricate music boxes and some "not quite music boxes."

Anyone in search of a rich, different kind of musical experience, anyone who loves the past, anyone who is fascinated by man's mechanical ingenuity will find delight in these pages. Together Helen Hoke and her son, John Hoke, trace the lore and lure of the music box from a single tinkle to a fully orchestrated symphony, from rollicking calliopes to majestic bell towers, from tiny, melodic pieces of jewelry to massive nickelodeons.

Magnificently designed and printed in four colors, MUSIC BOXES is abundantly illustrated with beautiful, detailed photographs of music boxes and intricate music box mechanisms, enhanced by more than a hundres delicate drawings especially executed for this book. The reader is told hos to delect a music box, where tobuy one, where to have one repaired, where music boxes are on display. There is a bibliography of books and records on music boxes.

Providing a thread between the past glory of the music box and its present revival, this volume is a choice gift for the musician, historian, the antiquarian, the music-box lover, and all collectors of the rare and unusual."

    Yesterday's Music Today
    Today's Music Boxes
    How Music Boxes Began
    The Bells of Belgium
    The Development of the Music Box
    More and More Kinds of Music Boxes
    Musical Automatons were the Wonder of the Age
    A Magical Musical Family; The Writer, The Musician, The Designer
    Not Quite Music Boxes
    Music Itself in the Music Box
    How the Popularity of the Music Box Affected Music Itself
    The Golden Age of Music Boxes
    We Took Them to Our Hearts (Music Boxes in America)
    Not Everyone Agreed
    The Decline, the Demise, and the Current Revival of Music Boxes
    How One Family Became Collectors
    About Selecting a Music Box

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