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"Automata & Mechanical Toys, an illustrated history," by Mary Hillier. Published in 1976 by Jupiter Books, London. Reprinted in 1988 by Bloomsbury Books, London. Hard cover with dust jacket, 200 pages with 193 Figures (black-and-white photographs and drawings) and 32 Colour Plates. The book measures 9-7/8 inches (25 cm) high by 7 inches (19.2 cm) wide.

Text from the dustjacket is as follows:

"This is the first book to deal with the evolution of mechanical toys following on the history of automata from very early times. It covers the entire story, worldwide, introducing famous makers and historical characters as well as their inventions. The special emphasis is from the eighteenth century onwards, when the awakening of technological interest produced both frivolous and luxury toys to amuse people and the ingenious robot machines that eventually were to transform industry. For the interest of modern collectors who assemble private or museum displays the later chapters have facts on patents, factories, and types of output by which antique toys and automata may be identified. "


              List Of Illustrations

  1. The Age of Fable
  2. Clockwork Man
  3. Automata in the Far East and Japanese 'Karakuri'
  4. Wizards and Showmen
  5. Phantasmagoria and the Scientific Vision
  6. The American Toy Trade
  7. Boutique Fantasque
  8. Living Doll
  9. The Golden Age of Mechanical Toys
  10. Fernand Martin and the 'Concours Lepine'
  11. Penny Toys and the Plastic Revolution

                    1880 Period. Notable firms producing mechanical dolls and Automata in Paris
                    Index of Mechanical Toy Makers
                    Chronological Biography

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