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Duo-Art Reproducing Piano Rolls

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QRS Duo-Art Rolls
DA1012 Continental, The Con Conrad Victor Arden & Adam Carroll
DA1015 Body and Soul Green Robert Armbruster
DA1019 Carioca, The Vincent Youmans Ohman & Arden
DA1020 That Old Gang of Mine Henderson Hess & Leith
Duo-Art Rolls
063 Toccata P.D. Paradies H. Samuel
504 Ma Belle Friml Frank Milne SOLD
1536 Valse des Fleurs Renaud Emilian Renaud
1541 Skater's Waltz, Op. 183 Waldteufel Frank Banta SOLD
1544 That Creepy Weepy Feeling Schroeder Erlebach & Herzog
1548 When You Feel a Little Longing in Your Heart Francis Wilson & Browne
1618 When You Look in the Heart of a Rose Metheven Banta & Frey
1805 Three O'Clock in the Morning Robledo Frank Milne
1806 Dancing Fool Snyder Henry Lange
5511 Valse Bleue Margis Felix Arndt
5622 Annie Laurie Ferdinand Hinnelbich
5636 Melodie, Op. 3 No. 3 Rachmanioff Rudolph Ganz
5679 Irish Tune from County Derby Grainger Percy Grainger SOLD
5733 Waltz Entrancing Lehar Felix Arndt
5756 Reverie (Improvisation) Granados Enrique Granados SOLD
5774 Old Black Joe & Old Folks at home Foster Felix Arndt
5821 Lullaby from "Tribute to Foster" Grainger Percy Grainger
5840 La Gondola, Op. 13 No. 2 Henselt Leopold Godowsky
5933 Murmuring Zephyrs Jensen Aurelio Giorni
5934 Liebestraum (Dream of Love) Liszt Arthur Shattuck SOLD
5936 America Abraod (for two pianos) Bentz Edna Bentz & Frank Banta SOLD
5947 Hungarian Dance No. 6 Brahms Harold Bauer
5959 Simepl Aveu (Simple Confessions) Thome Clarence Adler
5975 Sevillanas Taboada Elisa Tavarez
6043 Uncle Rome (The Old Boatman) Homor Edna Bentz
6098 Chanson d'Avril Buonamioi Harold Bauer
6099 Melody in F, op. 3 No. 1 Rubenstein Josef Hofmann
6127 b Carnaval Mignon Schuett Alexander Raab
6144 Perpetual Motion Alkan-MacDowell Ernsat Hutchinson
6169 La Paloma Yradier Ernesto Berumen
6194 b Etude Bortkiewicz Lester Donahue
6220 Valse Bluette Drigo Erno Rapee
6232 b William Tell Overture Rossini Erno Rapee SOLD
6277 Mignon Overture Thomas Erno Rapee
6311 A la bien Aimee Schuett Carolyn Cone-Baldwin
6424 Monastery Bells Lefebure-Wely Charles Gilbert Spross
6484 b Songs of Sunny Italy carious Erno Rapee
6487 Marche Militaire, Op. 51 No. 1 Schubert Bauer & Gabrilowitsch
6495 Minuetto Vecchio, Op. 76 No. 6 Friedman Ignace Friedman
6501 Jewels of the Madonna Wolf-Ferrari Erno Rapee
6512 b Prelude, Op. 45 No. 3 & Winged Poem, Op. 51 No. 3 Scriabin Serge Prokofieff
6565 Wiegenlied (Slumber Song) Op. 40 No. 4 Brahms-Keller Julius L. Schendel
6572 b Leprechaun's Dance, The AStanford-Grainger Percy Grainger SOLD
6681 Melodie, Op. 8, No. 3, Chants du Voyageur Paderewski Ignace Jan Paderewski SOLD
9038 Melody Roll #3 Miessner George Gartlan
9048 Melody Roll #4 Miessner Georgett Gartlan
10015 Carry me Back to Old Virginny Bland Felix Arndt SOLD
10019 Sweet and Low Barnby Georges Favier
10040 Oh, Promise Me DeKoven Felix Arndt
10061 Bonnie Doon & Auld Lang Syne Ina W. Polson
10075 Medley of College Songs various Erno Rapee
10095 b Love's Old Sweet Song Molloy Henry Lange
10105 Fantasy on Christmas Hymns Dion W. Kennedy $25.00
10116 A Dream Bartlett Irene DiGiovanni
17818 Boston Commandary March (Onward Christian Soldiers) Carter Erlebach & Milne
18325 Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, The Jessel Mills & Brooks
18325 Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, The Jessel Mills & Brooks
18985 Good-Night Wood, Bibo & Conrad Herbert Clair
19095 March of the Mannikins Onivas Ray Perkins
19145 b When June Comes Along With A Song Cohan Clair & Leith
19325 b That Old gang of Mine Henderson Hess & Leith
19375 So This Is Love from "Little Miss Bluebird" Goetz Burton Brown
19588 b Selections from "Music Box Review" Berlin Clair, Baker, Hess & Leith
19595 b The Only Girl Russell-Johnson-Coleman Emile Coleman SOLD
19605 b Twelve O'Clock At Night Handman Ray Perkins
19615 When Lights Are Low Kahm-Koehler-Fiorito Ernest Leith
30096 Elegie in e-minor Massenet Mr. Fleer
31608 b Meditation, Elfin Dance and Prerlude Sanford James N. Sanford
31878 b Bouree from 2nd Violin Sonata Bach & St Saens Saul Dorfman SOLD
58277 Autumn Op. 35, No. 2 Chaminade Clarence Adler
58468 From the Land of the Sky-Blue Water Cadman Charles Wakefield Cadman
58537 At Dawning Cadman Charles Wakefield Cadman
59567 Love's Dream After the Ball Czibulka Charles Gilbert Spross
59567 Love's Dream After the Ball Czibulka Charles Gilbert Spross SOLD
61367 Eagle, The opus 31 No. 1 MacDowell Lester Donohue
65224 Peer Gynt Suite, Op. 46 Nos. 1 & 3 Grieg Percy Grainger
65279 Consolation and Folksong Mendelssohn Beryl Rubinstein SOLD
65288 b Kerry Dance, The Molloy Robert Armbruster
65630 Selections from "Faust" Gounod Erno Rapee
65808 Elegie Massenet Huston Ray
65808 Elegie Massenet Huston Ray
66329 Andante from Organ Prelude in E-minor Bach-Siloti Alexander Siloti SOLD
66559 Selections from "Naughty Marietta" Herbert Robert Armbruster
66606 Chapel in the Mountains, The Wilson Henri Bergman
66769 Selections from "Aida' Verdi Robert Armbruster
66844 Standchen (Serenade), Op. 17 No. 2 Strauss Wilhelm Badiaus SOLD
66869 Selections from "Babes in Toyland" Herbert Robert Armbruster
66984 Waltz from the Ballet "Naila" Delibes-Dohnanyi William Bachaus
67249 b Dance of the Hours Ponchielli Robert Armbruster SOLD
67878 b Merry Widow and Gypsy Love Waltzes Lehar Robert Armbruster
67776 Arabesque, Op. 59 No. 2 Arnold Robert Armbruster
66869 Slections from "Babes in Toyland" Herbert Robert Armbruster SOLD
68818 Elegie, Op. 10 No. 5 Massenet Rudolph Reuter SOLD
68879 Selecyions from "The Student Prince" Romberg Genevieve Pitot
68988 Brook's Lullaby, The Gilder Robert Braun
69769 Selections from "The Vagabond King" Friml Robert Armbruster SOLD
70619 Norma Fantasie Bellini-Laybach Robert Armbruster SOLD
70880 Etude, Op. 25 No. 12 Chopin Alfred Cortot SOLD
70983 Berceuse "Jocelyn" Goddard Rudalph Ganz SOLD
71837 b In A Monastery Garden Ketelby Robert Armbruster SOLD
72690 Valse Caprice, Op. 37 No. 2 Grieg Harold Bauer SOLD
74508 Preludes Op. 32 Nos. 10 & 8 Rachmaninoff V. Horowitz
100597 Last Rose of Summer & Annie Laurie Ina W. Polson
100825 Lost Chord, The Sullivan Harold Bauer
100865 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Willis Ina W. Polson SOLD
101465 Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses Openshaw Robert Summers
101995 Macushla MacMurrough Robert Summers
101228 Fellowship medley various Robert Armbruster
102195 Gypsy Love Song Herbert Robert Armbruster
102315 Beautiful Isle of Somewhere Fearis Henri bergman
102495 June Brought the Roses Openshaw Genevieve Pitot
102745 b Remember Berlin Phil Ohman SOLD
102885 Giannina Mia :The Firefly" Friml Robert Armbruster
103267 Songs of Bygone Days, Roll #2 Bayley & Ascher Henri Bergman
103295 Far Away Bells, The Gordon Robert Armbruster
104585 Stein Song (University of Maine) Sprague-Vallee Gene Waldron
713147 Marguerite Sherman and Bernie Alan Moran SOLD


Silver Moon Romberg Phil Ohman


Charmaine Rapee & Pollock Lew Pollock SOLD


Dawn of Tomorrow Green Phil Ohman


b November Bulletin Roll various SOLD

                           NOTE: 'b' indicates some box damage, but roll is fine.

Damaged Rolls - $5.00 each plus shipping

These have edge tears or other damage and will need repair in order to play properly

5169   Quartett No. 6 Schubert Carolyn Beebe
5888   An Den Fruhlinfg (To Spring) Grieg Clarence Adler
5984   Invitation To The Dance Weber Tina Lerner


Woodland Sketches, To A Wild Rose, Op. 51 No. 1 MacDowell George McManus
6412   Il Trovatore Verdi Erno Rapee
6670   Rhapsodie Hongroise No. 2 Liszt Ignace Jan Paderewski
6966   Nocturne, Op. 32, No. 2 Chopin Rudolph Ganz
10136   Songs of Christmas Tide   Dion W. Kennedy
17788   National Emblem March Bagley Erlebach & Milne
56398   La Boheme Puccini Carlos Fabri
56768   Daydreams, Waltz Medley arr. Feliz Arndt Felix Arndt                       SOLD
58099   Fruhlingsrauschen (Rustle of Spring) Opus 32 No. 3 Sinding Arthur Shattuck
58328   Rigoletto Verdi Robert Armbruster
62746   Amaryllis Air de Louis XIII arr. Henry Ghys   Karl Rackle
66437   Wedding March from "Lohengrin" Wagner Robert Summers
67324   Toccata & Fugue in D-minor Bach-Tausig Ignaz Friedman
67453   Nightingale, The Alabieff-Liszt Ignaz Friedman
66437   Wedding March from "Lohengrin" Wagner Robert Summers
68178   Waltz Medley Caryll-Friml-Lehar Robert Armbruster

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