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"Musical Box Tune Sheets, Including Makers, Agents and Dating Charts" compiled by H.A.V. Bulleid. Published in 2000 by the Musical Box Society of Great Britain. Printed in softcover, 153 pages containing photos of 216 different tune sheets. Also included is the "Musical Box Tune Sheet Supplement" published in 2001 containing an additional 50 tune sheets, "Musical Box Tune Sheet Second Supplement" published in 2005 containing an additional 70 tune sheets and Index to all Tune Sheets. "Musical Box Tune Sheet Third Supplement" published in 2008 containing 80 more tune sheets and Index to all Tune Sheets. Also includes Luuk Goldhoorn's "Musical Box Search Engine" to aid in identifying a musical box maker by its tune sheet.  The books measure 8-1/4 inches (21.5 cm) high by 5-3/4 inches (14.6 cm) wide.

Tune Sheets. They are the small sheets of paper placed inside the musical boxes that contain the names of the tunes that the box plays. They usually also have the tune's composer and often state the type of tune (song, waltz, polka, march, etc.) it is.

Tune cards were printed on a wide variety of paper and with so many different designs that it is possible to attribute many of them to a specific maker, and even to a period of manufacture. This book does just that. Here is a compilation of tune sheets, each one different from the last, that span the years of the 1800's and into the early 1900's. Each tune sheet is identified, if possible, with the maker's name and the style of musical box the tune sheet came from. Many of the tune sheets can be dated (and are) from the publication date of the tunes listed on the tune sheet. This provides one with the earliest possiblt date that the musical box could have been made.

To a collector, an antique dealer or to any owner of an antique musical box, this book is an invaluable aid in helping to identify the maker of one's treasure!


    Introduction and Acknowledgements
    Tune Sheets Nos. 1 to 105
    Colour Section:   Musical Boxes
                              Tune Sheets
    Tune Sheets Nos. 106 to 216
    Dating Charts
    Tune Sheet Supplement (pub. 2001)
    Tune Sheets Nos. 217 to 250
    Tune Sheet Second Supplement (pub. 2005)
    Index to Tune Sheets 1 - 320
    Tune Sheets Nos. 251 to 320

    Tune Sheet Third Supplement (pub. 2008)
    Index to Tune Sheets 1 - 400
    Tune Sheets Nos. 321 to 400

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