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"Cylinder Music Box Technology ; Including Makers, Types, Dating and Music" by H.A.V. Bulleid. Published in 1994 by Almar Press, Vestal, NY. Soft cover, 290 pages with numerous black-and-white photographs, charts and illuistrations. The book measures 8-1/2 inches (21.5 cm) high by 5 inches (14 cm) wide.

Text from the Preface by Graham Webb is as follows:

"The cylinder musical box is a small, although arguable the most popular part of the narrow field of antique mechanical musical instruments. As a result there are few specialists in, and few researchers into, this, the most domesticated of the genre. There are books on collecting cylinder musical boxes, also on repairing them, and these are useful to the collector or would be collector to help him find his way about the subject. To my knowledge, however, there has never been so diligent a researcher into the 'fine print' of the cylinder musical box as H.A.V. Bulleid.

This book follows on from 'Cylinder Musical Box Design and Repair' to take us deeper into the mysteries, and give us a large amount of material that is new. In particular, I think of the massive amount of work required to enable him to publish dating charts for no less than eleven makers, this when for many years only one, that for Nicole Freres, was available. The short biographies and tune dates of some forty composers used on musical boxes also shows dedication, and will be found most useful when attempting to date an unidentified box, while the illustration and identification of fifty tune cards is an added bonus. He gives us, too, more information on makers and agents, and enlarges his previous comments on the contemporary Swiss scene.

...Mr. Bulleid could perhaps be called the archeologist of the cylinder musical box, gently chipping and scraping away, unearthing a solid fact here, a pointer there, filling in the cracks in our knowledge in an engaging way.

We have here an interesting and informative book. One to return to again and again. Perhaps for a date of manufacture, or a few words on a composer, a gamme number, or simply for pleasure..."

      Introduction and Acknowledgements

  1. Makers and Agents
  2. Date of Manufacture
  3. Local Color
  4. Musical Boxes Described
  5. Accessories
  6. Tune Sheets
  7. Mechanical Restoration
  8. Case Restoration
  9. The Music: Composers
  10. Musical Boxes in Film and Print

      Appendix 1. Technical Details
      Appendix 2. Gamme and Blank Numbers
      Appendix 3. Corrections to my previous book

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