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"The Story of the Music Box." Text and pictures by George and Madeleine Brown. Recording by Emory Cook. Published in 1952 by Book Records, Inc., New York. Board covers, 8 pages with photographs. The book measures 10-1/8 inches (25.6 cm) high by 10-3/8 inches (26.4 cm) wide.

This is a charmingly illustrated book with a brief history of the music box. It is told in an easily understood story form There is a 10-inch unbreakable 33-1/3 long playing record accompanying the book, that has 20 recordings from 6 different music boxes, including three different sizes of Regina Music Boxes, a Capitol "Cuff" Music Box, and an Olympia Music Box, all American-made music boxes, as well as a Swiss music box, all from the collection of George and Madeleine Brown.

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