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"A Guidebook of Automatic Musical Instruments, Volumes 1 and 2" by Q. David Bowers. Published in 1967 by The Vestal Press, Vestal, NY. Two volumes printed in soft covers, 697 pages with thousands of black-and-white photographs and advertisements. The two books measure approx. 11-1/4 inches (28.5 cm) high by 8-11/16 inches (22 cm) wide.

This is the predecessor to the now standard "Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments by the same author

Q. David Bowers, historian and mechanical music enthusiast, gives us a book which will be used and enjoyed by everyone interested in automatic mechanical musical instruments. This book combines historical catalogs, photos of mechanical musical instruments in private collections and rates them in terms of rarity. Values are given for each instrument.


    Introduction and General Comments
    Grading and Condition

    Volume 1
        Player Pianos
        Coin Pianos
        Reproducing Pianos

    Volume 2
    Cylinder Music Boxes
    Disc Music Boxes
    Band Organs
    Dance and Fair Organs
    Roller Organs
    Calliopes, etc.


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