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"Music Boxes, The Collector's Guide To Selecting, Restoring, and Enjoying New and Vintage Music Boxes" by Gilbert Bahl. Published in 1993 by Courage Books, Philadelphia. First Edition. Hard cover with dust jacket, 80 pages with numerous color photographs and diagrams. The book measures 12-1/4 inches (31 cm) high by 9-1/4 inches (23.5 cm) wide.

Text from the dustjacket is as follows:

"Music boxes are exquisite combinations of art and engineering. Their enchanting melodies, delicate craftsmanship, and endless variety have attracted collectors for centuries - ever since the first true music box appeared in 1796.

Music Boxes charts the development of these fascinating creations, from the invention of the first true music box in 1796 by Swiss watchmaker Anton Favre. The manufacture of music boxes gradually grew into a thriving industry, as the first type of music box - the cylinder box - was replaced in the 1880's by the mores sophisticated disc box which could make a louder sound, could play more tunes, and was less expensive. A few moments of examination can reveal a music box's origin and history. In outlining the technological developments and giving information on all the major music box manufacturers, Musi Boxes also describes changing fashions in sizes, shapes, and styles of boxes.

Among music boxes being produced today, there is a wide range of exciting choices, from small novelty boxes to handcrafted, limited editions. Music Boxes shows you the wealth of modern and antique boxes available to collectors, and gives thorough instructions on how to clean and care for your treasured pieces."

  1. The Cylinder Music Box
  2. The Interchangeable Disc Music Box
  3. Understanding Your Music Box
  4. Novelty Music Boxes
  5. Caring For Your Acquisitions
  6. Collecting Music Boxes
  7. Disc Music Boxes
  8. Music Box Manufacturers
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