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Ampico Rolls

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Roll No. Title Composer Artist
2033-H (Automatic Mus Roll Co re-cut) The Songs You Forgot To Remember (4 Songs) Various Sigmund Spaeth
2141-F Naughty Marietta Italian Street Song in D Major Young-Herbert Edgar Fairchild
3083 (Play-Rite re-cut) Home Harmonies No. 2 (6 Songs) Various Frank Milne
6917A (Re-cut) Summer Night (Grieg) , Melodie, Russian Waltz Various Tina Lerner
30721 1) The Cry of the Woman 2) I Love Life Mana Zucca Mana Zucca
50034-F Melody in F Rubenstein Marguerite Volavy
50337-H Moonlight Sonata Op. 27, No. 2 (2d & 3rd Mvts) Beethoven Harold Bauer
50343-F Ich Liebe Dich (I Love Thee) Grieg's Transcription Howard Brockway
50565 (Keystone re-cut) Cantique De Amour Liszt Lillien Utz
50574-F Mes Joies Nocturne Op. 74, No. 5 Chopin-Liszt Victor Wittgenstein
50832-H Spanish Dance Teresa Carreno Teresa Carreno
51044 (Keystone re-cut) Gavotte & Musette D'Albert Howard Brockway
51422-F Spring Song Mendelssohn Howard Brockway
52345-F Star Spangled Banner (4 Verses) Key Howard Brockway
52425-H Humoresque Dvorak Leo Ornstein                       SOLD
52764-F Valse Brillante Zucca Zucca
53295-H Sonata Pathetique Op. 13, 2d movement Beethoven Clarence Adler
53384-F Auf Flugeln des Gesanges (On the Wings of Song) Mendlssohn Giussepe Randegger
56217 The Erlking Schubert-Liszt Arthur Loesser
56582-F Romance in E Flat Rubenstein Clarence Adler
56794 (Keystone re-cut) Firefly Selections (4 Songs) Friml Melville Ellis
57867-H Pastorale Variee (with Cadenza) Mozart Olga Steeb                          SOLD
58115-H Babes In Toyland Selections Herbert Victor Herbert
59143-E Country Dance No. 1 in C Beethoven Philip Gordon
59154 (Keystone Re-cut) Preludes Op. 28, Nos. 1, 7 & 20 Chopin Alexander Gunn
59631-F In The Starlight Huerier Mary Fromeyer Kuhler
59911 Calm As The Night Bohm-Godowsky Leopold Godowsky
59951-F March of the Dwarfs Op. 54, No. 3 Grieg Phillip Gordon
60763-G Valse de Concert Wieniawski Marguerite Volavy
60951-G Serenade Espagnole Chaminade-Kreisler Milton Suskind
60663-H Rhapsodie Hongroise No. 10 Liszt Hans Barth
61083-H & 61093-H Sheherazade Op. 35, 2nd Movt. "Lento" Part 1 & Part 2 Rimsky-Korsakoff Maier & Pattison $40.00 for both rolls
61221-G The Shepherd's Hey Arr. Grainger Henry Souvaine
61291-F Scherzino Moszkowski Robert Braun
62183-G The Dying Poet Gottschalk Rudolph Gruen
62653-G March Jig (Maguire's Kick) Stanford, arr. Grainger Arthur Loesser
62693 Naila Ballet Waltz Delibes-Dohnanyi Mieczyslaw Munz
63433-H Overture 29th Cantata Bach-Saint-Saens Sidney Silber
63593 Dinner Music Series No. 2 Various J. Milton Delcamp
63723-H Larghetto Mozart-Friedman Sidney Silber
64211-G 1) The marionette Show 2) The Hurdy-Gurdy Man Goossens Guy Bevier Williams
64233 The Blue Danube Waltz Strauss Edgar Fairchild
65073 Sonata, Op. 2, No. 1 F-Minor First Movement Beethoven Milton Suskind
65163-H Dinner Music Series No. 5 Various J. Milton Celcamp
65683-H Dinner Music Series No. 7 Various J. Milton Delcamp
65721-F An Old Fashioned Waltz Medley (3 songs) Various Harry Shipman
65903 Parsifal (and the Flower Maidens) Wagner-Rubenstein Suskind & Buerger
67703 Impromptu Op. 31 F minor Faure Mieczyslaw Munz
67853 Nocturne Op. 9, No. 1, B-flat minor Chopin Maurice Dumesnil                SOLD
68143 B (Powell re-cut) Andante Favore F Major Beethoven Alexander Sklarevski
206441-E You Forgot To Remember Berlin Adam Carroll
201161 Marchetta (Fox Trot) Schertzinger Ralph Reichenthal
202891-E Parade of the Wooden Soldiers Jessel Clair & Fairchild
203591 E (Powell re-cut) Aunt Hagar's Blues Hanay Adam Carroll
203911-E The Life Of A Rose Gershwin J. Milton DeCamp
209251-E Ooh, Maybe It's You Berlin Harry Shipman
206671-E Miami "Big Boy" Jolsen-DeSylva-Conrad J. Milton DeCamp
207041 (Powell Re-cut) Sweet Child (I'm Wild About You)   Zez Confrey
210881-E Jeannine (I Dream Of Lilac Time) Gilbert-Shilkret Harry Shipman
216351 Some Day My Prince Will Come (From Snow White) Frank Churchill Robert Farquhar                 SOLD
222001 When Francis Dances With Me Ryan & Violinsky Edgar Fairchild
721033 Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes No. 1 Elliott Howard Brockway

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